Principal Investigator


Yanchao Bi, Ph.D.

Yanchao Bi is a ChangJiang professor in IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research and the State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, at Beijing Normal University. She received her PhD from the Department of Psychology, Harvard University in 2006. Her work focuses on the study of functional and neural architecture associated with semantic memory, knowledge representation, and language processing, using cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, multi-modal neuroimaging, computation modeling and other research methods. Her work is mainly funded by Ministry of Science and Technology (973 project) and National Science Foundation of China. She currently serves on the editorial board of Journals Elife (Senior Editor), Neurobiology of Language (Senior Editor), Cognition, Cognitive Neuropsychology. She has won various awards, scholarships, or recognitions such as “The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, “The National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars”, “New Century Excellent Talents in University”, Sackler scholar of psychophysiology, Fulbright scholar, and “rising star” in the Observer by the Association for Psychological Sciences.


Research Assistant Professor


    Xiaoying Wang

     Xiaosha Wang
Research Interest: the cognitive and neural bases of knowledge representation.

    Huichao Yang
Research Interest: I am interested in the relationship between the action and object. For example, how do they separate from each other, how do they interact with each other and how are they integrated into new and complex concepts. I have two ongoing projects about this: The brain mechanism of action-object integration; The brain mechanism of the role of action in object domain-specific representation.


Postdoctoral Fellows


     Guangyao Zhang
Research Interest: My studies focus on the cognitive and neural basis of concept learning, including but not limited to the following issues: 1) how people can learn new concept from only a few examples; 2) what roles sensory and language experience play in concept learning, and 3) how concept learning varis between individuals.

  Haojie Wen
Research Interest: I study the different stages of object recognition, mainly focusing on the subcortical way.


    Ting-Yun Chang
Research Interest: My general interests lie in visual perception, recognition, learning, and attention. I study the recognition of faces and objects and how it is influenced by context and experience. I am also interested in visual behaviors associated with music reading experience. My most recent work revolves around ensemble perception and investigates how people vary in their abilities to perceive ensembles of diverse categories.


Lab Assistants


       Fei Xiang


representation with a computational focus.



Graduate Students


     Jiahui Lu




     Zhiyu Fan 

     Lingjuan Chen

     Shuang Tian


Research Interest: If both sensory-derived knowledge and imagery are grounded in our sensorimotor systems, where, when, and how do they differ in the brain? Is the "mind's eye" necessary for the representation of sensory-derived knowledge? I'm currently focusing on congenital aphantasics (i.e., people born without voluntary mental imagery), to investigate the above questions.


        Ze Fu

Research Interest: I'm interested in how knowledge is created and transmitted in group and societies through language communications. I use computational modeling and neural imaging methods to examine the way that language experience impacts on our understanding of the world.




    Haoyang Chen

      Ziyi Xiong


Research Interest: I'm interested in the mechanism of brain plasticity, and I'm now investigating the interaction between sensorimotor experience and neural representation of body and body actions.


     Shuyue Wang


       Bo Liu




    Dingchen Zhang








Jie Liu, MSc. (2006-2009)
Tao Wei, MSc. (2007-2010); Post Doc (2016-2018)
Nan Lin, PhD. (2007-2012)
Xiaohong Zhang, MSc. (2007-2010)
Xiaoliang Wen, MSc. (2008-2011)
Xueming Lu, Ph.D. (2008-2011)
Chenxi He, PhD. (2009-2015)
Jingrui Li, MSc. (2009-2012)
Yujun Ma, Ph.D. (2010-2013)
Quanjing Chen, MSc. (2010-2013)
Yuxing Fang, phD. (2011-2016)
Huiyan Feng, MSc. (2011-2014)
Xiuyi Wang, MSc. (2012-2015)
Yangwen Xu, PhD. (2012-2017)
Binke Yuan, PhD. (2014-2017)

Wei Wu , PhD. (2014-2020)
Ye Li, MSc. (2014-2017)
Tonghe Zhuang, MSc. (2015-2018)
Jiasi Shen, MSc. (2015-2018)
Bijun Wang, MSc. (2016-2019)

Shijia Fan, phD. (2016-2021)

Jiahuan Wang, MSc. (2017-2020)

Yuankun Chen, MSc. (2018-2021)

Jinyi Hung, Post Doc. (2018-2020)

Guoli Lv, MSc. (2019-2022)